Effortless lead generation from Linkedin.

Find anyone's email address.

Build your most accurate leads directory.

Chrome extension

Find email addresses on Linkedin

How good is a lead if you can't contact him ?
Skrapp Chrome extension will pull the name, job title, company, location and email address of anyone on LinkedIn. Our algorithms search the internet and through corporate email patterns looking for that email address you need.

Export leads from Linkedin

Data entry from Linkedin can be counterproductive. Skrapp Chrome extension helps you save leads from your Linkedin searches, groups and visited profiles, allowing you to find email addresses during the process and retrieve your leads in CSV files.


Web dashboard

Storage and management

Store your leads in a segmented directory using our web dashboard. Import your existing CSV leads databases and search for emails. Access your data anytime, from anywhere.


Synchronize your leads directory with your CRM, Email Service Provider or File Sharing System, allowing you to move faster and be more flexible while prospecting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the search engine work ?

Our algorithm indexes public web pages and simulates emails based on companies email patterns. It also checks the existence of the simulated emails by interacting with email servers.

How does the Chrome extension work ?

The Chrome extension is an easy to use tool that integrates with your Linkedin user interface. After installing it, you will notice three new buttons added to your Linkedin pages, these will allow you to find email addresses and save prospects from profiles, searches and groups.

Is it free ?

Yes, a free plan is available for Skrapp users offering 200 emails/month.

How can I get more email credits ?

If your email credits have expired, you can upgrade to one of our business plans starting from $36/month and 1,000 emails/month.

Do I consume my email credits when I search for an email more than once?

No, we keep track of every email you find since the creation of your account. You only consume your email credits when you find an email for the first time.

Get started now with 200 free email credits.