How does the search engine work?

Our algorithm indexes public web pages and simulates emails based on companies email patterns. It also checks the existence of the simulated emails by interacting with email servers.

How does the Chrome extension work?

The Chrome extension is an easy to use tool that integrates with your Linkedin user interface. After installing it, you will notice three new buttons added to your Linkedin pages - "Find email" button on Linkedin leads, this enables you to find an email starting from a prospect's profile page, and save profile information within one of your Skrapp lists - "Export results" button on Linkedin search pages, this finds email addresses of the profiles returned in your search results, and save it in addition to profile information within downloadable Excel and CSV spreadsheets or Skrapp lists - "Export members", does the same as the search results export button for a given group members.

Is it free?

Yes. You can create an account and get 100 emails/month recurrently.

What are email credits?

Email credits are the number of emails you can find using your account. You can track your email credits consumption on your web dashboard.

How can I use my email credits?

You can find emails by using our Google Chrome Extension along with Linkedin or import a CSV file to your dashboard.

When do I consume my email credits?

You consume your email credits when an email search returns a valid email with an accuracy score higher than 75%.

Do I consume my email credits when I search for an email more than once?

No, we keep track of every email you find since the creation of your account. You only consume your email credits when you find an email for the first time.

How can I get more email credits?

If your email credits have expired, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans starting from $49/month and 1,000 emails/month.
If you are seeking a customized plan or package, please contact our sales staff at

What happens when I upgrade my account's subscription?

When you upgrade your account's plan, your last subscription will be canceled and your emails credits will be upgraded immediately. The remaining email credits from your last subscription are not lost and will rollover to your new subscription credits.

This also applies when you downgrade your account.

When and how can I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, even during the first month. Your subscription can be cancelled manually from your account settings.

What if I find inaccurate emails ?

Our system is not error free and has a success rate of 85%. You can always report inaccurate emails to us. For this purpose your need to contact us at and explain how you think the returned emails are inaccurate (e.g. Bouncing rate). Your email credits will be reimbursed if we are convinced that it's the case.

Is it possible to clean a list from duplicate data?

Yes, you can clean your list from duplicate leads. Navigate to your list on the dashboard and click on the "Clean list" button on the header.

If you have any questions, please contact us at